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What is “TELL HCPS”?

TELL HCPS is an anonymous survey of instructional and professional staff in HCPS that will assess teaching conditions at the school and district level.

Much like SCIP surveys you have completed in the past, this survey is a valuable feedback tool.  The district is committed to ensuring that every educator has the supportive environment necessary to succeed.


What is the purpose of the 2018 TELL HCPS Survey?

The 2018 TELL HCPS Survey is an opportunity for all instructional and professional staff to provide input on teaching and learning conditions such as:

  • Time during the day for collaborative instructional planning

  • School and teacher leadership

  • Facilities and resources

  • Professional development

  • And other supports needed for educators to do their jobs well.

Similar to last year, this survey will replace the SCIP survey this year. Survey data will be used for school improvement and planning efforts.


Why are we doing the TELL HCPS Survey?

While initially provided through our work with the New Teacher Center (NTC) and its USDOE SEED Grant, the district has decided to continue to collect data using the TELL HCPS survey now that the SEED Grant is complete to maintain a stable set of teaching conditions data for each school over time.

Rather than ask our instructional and professional staff to complete another survey during the year, the TELL HCPS survey will replace the SCIP survey as the primary climate and feedback tool for this group.

Parents, students, and support staff will continue to complete the SCIP survey during this period.


Why are teaching conditions important?

Teaching conditions matter:

  • For students (achievement) because they can result in school and district improvements

  • For teachers (retention) because positive conditions can increase morale and job satisfaction

  • Not everyone sees teaching conditions the same way, but it is important to gather feedback when trying to change the status quo.

This work, including the TELL HCPS survey, is research driven and is now part of national education reform initiatives.


Who are the partners supporting TELL HCPS?

District leaders have been working with:

  • CTA,
  • HASA, and
  • the New Teacher Center

to plan and prepare for the TELL HCPS survey.
This survey represents a collaboration between these groups and a joint effort to gain input from instructional and professional staff.


What are the basics of the survey?

  • The survey is an anonymous, online survey of all school-based instructional and professional staff in HCPS.

  • The survey will be live from January 22-February 24, 2018.

  • The survey can be completed from any computer with Internet access, using an individual, anonymous access code.

  • Only schools with adequate response rates will have their school data reported.  This will protect anonymity of respondents for schools with fewer than 5 respondents or less than 50% participation.

  • Results will be available to district leaders and school administrations in a secure format within about 5 weeks of the survey’s end.


Who should participate in the TELL HCPS survey?

  • This survey is intended for:
    • Instructional and Professional personnel (classroom teachers, specialists, Department Heads/SALs, counselors, mentors, coaches, resource teachers, psychologists, social workers, nurses, assistant principals, and principals)
  • The following groups should not participate in TELL HCPS:
    • Clerical or support personnel (secretaries, bookkeepers, custodial and lunchroom staff)
    • Paraprofessionals
    • Aides


Will there still be a SCIP survey?

  • To minimize the time required to participate in surveys, Instructional and Professional Staff will only participate in the TELL HCPS survey.
  • The School Climate and Perception Survey (SCIP) will continue to be administered to:
    • Parents (paper forms in English and Spanish)
    • Support Staff (paper forms in English and Spanish)
    • Students (online survey in English)
  • Information about SCIP will be sent to sites separate from the TELL HCPS survey materials.  


How do we know when a school reaches the minimum 50% response rate needed for school-level data?

At  you can click on any school and view a response rate tracker in real time.


How long does it take to complete the survey?

TELL HCPS takes approximately 20 to 30 minutes to complete.

You must complete it in one session, and be sure to click “submit” when you are finished.


How can I access the survey?

Once you receive your anonymous access code, visit

  • 24 hours/day
  • Use any computer with Internet access
  • View the survey questions
  • Read about the research
  • Take the survey!


How will teachers and administrators receive their anonymous access codes?

Your HCTA Building Representative, or a designee, will receive a packet of letters and codes during the week prior to the January 22, 2018 launch.

Instructions for the survey and a letter for each participant will be included in the letter with your code


Why is it important to complete the TELL HCPS Survey?

  • A growing body of research shows the importance of positive teaching conditions to student learning and teacher retention.

  • HCPS District Leaders want to hear from every teacher and administrator in order to make informed decisions about facilities and resources, professional development, time for collaboration, and ways for improving instruction. 

  • TELL HCPS will provide that data and much more. 

  • Your voice will help determine what decisions are made not only at your school, but also in the district.


Do administrators take the same survey as teachers?


While administrators will use the same website ( to access the survey, they will respond to somewhat different questions. 

Administrators should also receive a letter with an anonymous access code when these are distributed at the school so that they can participate.  At the very beginning of the survey, participants will be asked to indicate his/her school position. 

When the principal selects “Administrator” he/she will then receive some of the same questions as teachers, but there will also be questions specifically designed for administrators. 

These additional questions are intended for administrators only and will help assess district level supports needed to do their jobs well.


How are the administrator results reported?

To ensure anonymity of all respondents, all responses for administrators are reported at the district level only.


Can you ensure that this is anonymous?

  • The survey is about the school environment - not about any one person or individual.

  • There are NO questions asked that refer to an individual educator or administrator rather, questions refer to “leadership” at the school.

  • There are no questions on the survey that specifically ask about subject areas or grade levels.

  • Given these measures and the access codes used, we can assure participants that the survey is anonymous.

  • When the school reports are compiled, for schools that reach at least a 50% response rate with a minimum of 5 teachers participating, there will be no indication or groupings by type of teacher, role, or other identifiable category.

  • While there are some demographic questions on the survey, the answers to these questions are only reported at the district level, and not at the school level. 

  • There is no way to determine which teacher or principal provided a certain response once the data are reported.


What if I’m the only new teacher? Or the only ELL teacher? How will my response really be anonymous?

There is a minimum requirement that at least 5 respondents are received for any school data to be reported. Also, at least 50% of the staff must participate for the school data to be reported.

So, unless there are at least 5 teachers within any given category, no data will appear on the school report for the “New Teacher Section.”

Additionally, individuals have added security knowing that:

  • It is not possible to view data by role, years of experience, or any other demographic information at the school or district level.

  • Demographic data will only be reported at the district level.


When will the results be ready? How can they be viewed?

All data will be available on the website approximately 5 weeks after the close of the survey window.

  • Results will be passcode protected                         

  • Results show answers to every question by school* and district               

  • Results can be downloaded in an Excel format

There are tools posted on  that will describe how schools can use the data for school improvement planning.

*Results for schools reaching the minimum threshold for response.


What can I see if I visit ?

  • Entry to the survey via individualized, anonymous 6 digit access code through letters to schools

  • Real time response rates per school and district during the administration window

  • Help Desk via web, email, and phone throughout survey

  • News Items

  • Expected date when the results will be available.


Who is administering this survey?

HCPS has contracted with the New Teacher Center (NTC) to administer the TELL HCPS survey. 

NTC is a national organization dedicated to supporting the development of a high-quality teaching force. NTC has conducted similar surveys in several states and districts throughout the nation. Since 2008, the NTC has collected  more than 1.5 million surveys in 20 states, providing critical information to the faculty in more than 35,000 schools about issues such as planning time, facilities and resources, professional development, school and teacher leadership and other aspects of the school environment that can influence teacher effectiveness.

NTC provides induction and professional development for teachers and principals across the country. 

Learn more at:


Where can I get help with the survey?

If any questions or concerns arise about the TELL HCPS survey, you have several options:

  1. During the survey window, contact the NTC Help Desk by calling 866-301-2454 ext. 11 from 7:30AM - 4:30PM Monday through Friday or emailing, or send an Instant message to the Help Desk.

  2. Ask your Building Representative or school administrator for help.

  3. Contact the HCPS Office of Strategy Management for clarification on dates, procedures, materials, etc. by calling 813-272- 4457.